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  • What is RIPHub?

    RIPHub is a service that allows you to communicate using different profiles and phone numbers for various parts of your life whilst keeping your personal mobile number private.

    There is no need for an extra SIM card and RIPHub to RIPHub online calls and messages are free and unlimited whilst contact with non RIPHub users is chargeable at super low rates.

  • Why Use RIPHub?

    There are numerous reasons why keeping your personal mobile number private and using multiple-profiles on your phone is a great idea.

    With RIPHub you can create profiles for literally any part of your life, like; online dating, selling online, gaming and other social profiles, web forms and work.

    Key Features:

    • > Quick to set up
    • > No emails, account set up or passwords
    • > Intuitive simple interface
    • > Keep your personal number private
    • > Free online calls & chat
    • > Make low cost calls & SMS
    • > Easily see who is calling
    • > Decide when you are available
    • > Customise each profile
    • > Personalise each voicemail
  • Do I need internet?

    Yes. But not necessarily for the call itself. RIPHub uses a tiny piece of data over the internet for authentication (about 16kb) .

    An Access Number call does not use the Internet and provides the highest quality and connectivity. You can choose how you call, either by default or at the point of the call:

    • > Access Number (No Internet)
    • > VoIP (Requires Internet)
    • > Call Back (No Internet)
    • > SIM (No Internet)

    For Free RIPHub to RIBPHUB calls and IM you will require the Internet (WiFi or Mobile Data).

  • Can I make calls without an internet connection?

    No. We require internet to validate and authenticate your user details.
  • Can I receive calls with RIPHub?

    Yes. You can receive calls on your RIPHub profile numbers supplied by ourselves. For all other numbers please contact your supplier. Internet is not necessary for receiving calls.
  • How secure is my communication?

    App-to-app calls are fully encrypted thereby safeguarding your personal information. Access number calls flow over the Mobile Voice Cellular network which uses standard SS7 security protocols.
  • How can I call for free?

    You can call and message any other app user for free. Invite all your friends and family to download and use the service.
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  • Which devices can I use?

    RIPHub works on devices using Android (2.3 and above) and iOS (8 and above).

  • Why does RIPHub require my mobile phone number?

    RIPHub uses your mobile phone number to validate your account and keep your account safe. Your SIM has embedded security which we use to authenticate your calls and avoid any mis-use on your behalf. In addition we don't require any emails, pins, passwords or account set up.
  • I didn't receive a validation SMS

    If a validation SMS is not received then a call back button will appear after 60 seconds - pressing this will invoke an automated call to your mobile phone number. If you receive neither an SMS or Call, then carefully check the number you have entered or contact our support desk.
  • I cannot receive any calls or chat messages

    You may need to turn on notifications.

    On an iOS device select your phone Settings: 

    > RIPHub >Notifications > Allow Notifications.

    Android devices vary but you may select your phone Settings: 

    > Sound & notifications > App Notifications > RIPHub> Toggle 'Block' to off?.

  • Why do I need to turn on notifications?

    RIPHub uses notifications to deliver some calls and messages. The app will not function correctly if you have notifications disabled.
  • Is RIPHub a SIM card replacement?

    No. RIPHub is not a replacement for your mobile phone SIM, you need a SIM number to validate and set up your account and to use all of its features. However, you may be able to port existing numbers on other phones you have, to RIPHub.
  • How can I enable notifications?

    On iOS (Apple) devices: 1. Open your device 'Settings' 2. Scroll down to RIPHub 3. Click 'Notifications' 4. Toggle on 'Allow Notifications' On Android devices notifications should be enabled by default. Each Android handset is different but this may help. If notifications are not enabled: 1. Open your device 'Settings' 2. Scroll down to 'Sound & notifications' 3. Click 'App notifications' 4. Scroll down to RIPHub 5. Ensure 'Block' is toggled to off
  • Should I use WiFi or mobile data (3G/4G)?

    An internet connection is required to use the RIPHub app but for simple authentication does not matter whether WiFi or Mobile Data. If using VoIP mode, we recommend using RIPHub with WiFi. If you are using RIPHub to make and receive calls over mobile data you may be charged by your mobile operator for data usage. Please check with your mobile operator.
  • Can I use RIPHub when I am roaming abroad?

    Yes, you can avoid roaming fees when abroad by making/receiving calls and sending/receiving messages with the RIPHub app in VoiP mode. We recommend you use Wi-Fi when abroad as your operator will charge you for data usage.
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  • I already have a RIPHub account, why do I need to validate again?

    For your security you may need to validate your account from time to time: if you reinstall the app, install on another device, access your account on our website or after an app update.

  • Where can I view additional information on my account

    If you are a pre-pay user simply select the Account button with the toolbar.
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  • How do I make a call?

    1. (Android) Use any of the in app contact areas to find a contact and phone number: Contacts, Favourites, Recents or use the keypad to dial a number. 1. (IOS) Select contact with app or use keypad 2. Select the profile you would like to use 3. Select/confirm the method of call; (a) Access Number, (b) VoIP, (c) SIM bypass. 4. Press the call button

  • I cannot make a call

    There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to make a call. 1. Are you connected to the internet? RIPHub requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is connected via WiFi or mobile data. Check you are not connected to a WiFi connection that has no internet access. 2. You have no contacts using the app - invite your contacts to RIPHub so you can call and message them for free. 3. You have no credit - calls and SMS to non-app users are chargeable so you need some credit. 4. You are not dialling correctly or the number you are dialling is not correct - All calls should be dialled in international format. 5. You are dialling a special service, premium rate, satellite or IP number - RIPHub may not connect these calls.
  • The person I am calling cannot hear me.

    You may need to allow RIPHub to use your microphone. On your iOS (Apple) device: 1. Open your device 'Settings' 2. Click 'Privacy' 3. Click 'Microphone' 4. Toggle RIPHub to 'On'
  • I cannot hear the person I am calling

    You may need to allow RIPHub to use your microphone. Check your general phone settings
  • What are the various call types?

    > Free Calls - Calls between RIPHub users are routed totally across the internet. > Local Access - This is the default and best method as it uses your SIM cards cellular network for the highest quality and mobility. > WiFi/mobile data - Calls are routed over the Internet via your WiFi or 3G/4G data connection to RIPHub, where we connect you to the telephone network and the person you are calling. Use this method when you have a good internet connection. > Callback (Not available in all Countries) - You click to call your contact as normal and RIPHub seamlessly 'calls you back' then connects you to the number you are calling. For use in countries where Local Access is not available. Callback calls are slightly more expensive as there are two parts to each call. In all cases, the app requires a very small amount of data to initiate the call.
  • Can I call emergency numbers?

    No. If you try to make an emergency call via RIPHub it will bypass the application and call via your mobile operator.
  • Can I call non-geographic numbers with RIPHub?

    You can call most worldwide destinations. Some premium rated destinations are blocked however. If you would like to call a blocked destination contact support.
  • Can I use RIPHub instead of my SIM card?

    RIPHub is an over the top service. You must have a mobile phone number from a recognised mobile provider in order to to validate your account by SMS. You can then use your RIPHub account to make calls and send messages.
  • How do I make international calls?

    With RIPHub simply dial with an international prefix. To dial an international number you need to: > Dial 00 or the symbol '+' then the international code followed by the number you wish to call, usually without the first zero.
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  • Who can I message for free?

    You can send free IM messages to any other RIPHub user using any of your profiles.

  • What types of message can I send for free?

    All Instant Messages are free and will use your WiFi or data connection.
  • Why should I send an SMS from RIPHub?

    RIPHub SMS are cheaper than regular SMS, especially for international texts. You can send RIPHub SMS to any type of phone, anywhere in the world. You can also send and receive SMS from your additional SMS enabled RIPHub numbers.
  • I cannot send any messages.

    There are a variety of reasons you may not be able to send a RIPHub message: > Are you connected to the internet? RIPHub requires an internet connection. Please ensure your device is connected via WiFi or mobile data > You have no credit ? SMS to non-RIPHub users are chargeable so you need to buy RIPHub credit. You can buy credit in the app or on our website
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Find Our Most Frequent Questions Below

  • How much does RIPHub cost?

    The app is free and you can call and message other RIPHub users for free. Call rates to other phones vary but begin at less than 1p/c per minute. You can view all call rates on our website.

    You can add any number you already own for free

    Additional mobile number rates are available in the app.

    We also provide a variety of 30 day call bundles. You can view these in your app.

  • How are calls charged?

    Calls are charged in 60 second intervals, so calling for 5 minutes and 1 second is charged the same as 6 minutes. Call charges will be decremented from your call account at the end of each call. If a call destination is included within a call bundle you will not be charged for the individual call but your bundled minutes will be decremented. If bundled minutes are utilised or a bundle expires additional call charges will be decremented freom your call account.
  • Where can I view RIPHub call rates?

    Our low call rates are available on the rates page on our website and in the app
  • How can I buy credits?

    Calling credit is available through your app or on our website, where you will always get the best deals
  • How can I transfer credit to another RIPHub account?

    You can transfer credit to your RIPHub contacts from within the app. Select your SIM profile > Buy > Transfer > then select your contact. Contact support if you require assistance.
  • Will my mobile operator charge me for using RIPHub?

    Calls over WiFi and Callback will not be charged. Your operator may charge you for mobile data, and for national calls if using RIPHub Local Access. Please check your mobile operator contract.
  • I was charged extra by Apple for an iTunes payment

    There is a premium applied to all payments made through iTunes to cover Apple?s commission. For our lowest rates always use our website or in app service.
  • What payment options are there?

    You can pay by debit or credit card, Paypal or via Apple in-app purchase.
  • I did not receive a Paypal verification email

    Please check your junk folder before contacting support
  • Why have I been charged for multiple SMS?

    The standard SMS length is 160 characters, if you exceed this you will be charged as such. Some special characters, international languages, accents or emoticons can count as several characters, or split your message into more then one part.
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Find Our Most Frequent Questions Below

  • What is a RIPHub number?

    RIPHub provide additional phone numbers for use on your main mobile device, allowing you to make and receive calls and send and receive messages, without giving out your personal number.

    Numbers can be used for any part of your life; work, dating, classified ads, online selling, webforms, international presence, social or to prevent nuisance calls.

    You can decide when you are available on each of your numbers and set up individual voicemail messages so your boss does not hear the same message as your best friend in Manchester.

  • What can I do with a RIPHub number?

    RIPHub numbers are real phone numbers where the calls/messages are received by the app over WiFi or mobile data. They allow you to connect with people using different profiles for various parts of your life while keeping your personal number private.
  • Are numbers expensive?

    Absolulty not - in fact compared to national numbers they are incredibly good value and in some cases include all calls.
  • How do I get a RIPHub number?

    RIPHub numbers are available from your app. Simply select the type, the country and then the city you desire. Some numbers are SMS enabled.
  • Can I receive calls on my RIPHub numbers?

    You can receive calls instantly you acquire it, and it is automatically added to your profile list.
  • Can I make calls on my RIPhub numbers?

    You can make low cost calls to any phone, anywhere in the world from your RIPHub numbers.
  • What happens to my RIPHub number if it expires?

    Your number will cease to function and a few days later be placed in a cooling bin. You will then have a few more days to retrieve it, after which it may be removed completely.
  • Will I be notified when my RIPHub Number will expire?

    The app clearly displays when your number(s) will expire in Settings. We will endeavour to notify you prior to the expiry date of your number(s), however it is your responsibility to ensure you retain access to your number(s).
  • How long does it take to activate my RIPHub number?

    Instantly. If you experience issues please try going into the apps settings and refreshing your Replicall List (Android) or Updating the App (IOS) contact support.
  • Is the RIPHub app available globally?

    Yes, but some functionality may not be available in your country.
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